Malnbadens Camping / Stugor

Address: Malnvägen 34, Hudiksvall

Area: Hudiksvall


Cabin villages | Welcome to the Malnbaden Camping and Hostel. At Malnbaden, you can visit year-round. We offer a four-star campground, a STF-affilated hostel, and newly-built cottages.

Malnbaden’s campground is situated on the coast of the picturesque province of Hälsingland. The campground lies about 200 metres from the shore where a long, sandy beach stretches out in both directions.

We have 9 cottages. Eight of these cottages were built in 2000-2001 and contain 4 beds each. We also have one smaller cottage with 3 beds. .The cottages have a small kitchen, refrigerator and TV. Toilets are in a separate buildning located ca 20-30 meters from the cottages.

The service buildings and our common areas uphold high standard. Access to sauna facilities, Internet room and wireless internet connection is also available

At Malnbaden, you will find a whole lot of different activities to enjoy! During the day, you ...

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